Global Relief Center is governed by unpaid Board of directors and volunteers. In addition, the GRC overseers provide advice on policy, advocacy, fundraising and public relations.

 Its Board of Directors shall manage the business of the Corporation. In addition of the powers and authority by these By-Laws expressly conferred upon it, The Board of Directors may delegate the management of the day-to-day operation of the business of the Corporation to an executive committee as authorized and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by law, by the Article of Incorporation or by these By-Laws directed or required to be exercised or done by the members. 

The corporation shall maintain a national headquarter in the State of Georgia, and shall have a registered agent whose address is state of Georgia, in accordance with the requirements of the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code.  

  The principal office of the corporation shall be located State of Georgia. The corporation may have other offices at such place or places, within or without the State of Georgia, as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time or the affairs of the corporation may require or make desirable.


Abdi  Mohamed Issak





 Mohamud M.Abdullahi

Secretary & CFO




Ali Osman Ali

Director of Youth Program




Picture will be available soon




             Dr. Mohamed Ali Nur

                Director of Education



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